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OK, so this is our favourite part of what we do.

Training clients on using Xero to its full potential is fantastic because using Xero correctly makes your life so much easier.

We have been using Xero since 2014. We use it daily and are Silver Champion Partners, which is only obtained by completing a certification course, attending regular product updates and completing all learning modules.

Xero Silver Champion Logo

We’re Xero Silver Champion Partners, so you can be sure we’re fully trained and up-to-date with everything Xero.

We provide bespoke training to complete newbies or established Xero users. Whether you are a bookkeeper or a business owner, a training package is available for you.

Discovery Phase

On the call we will talk through what type of training you will benefit from the most.

We determine how bespoke it should be, how long it may take and who needs to attend.

Depending on your training needs, we may need to book a few sessions. This is because we don’t want to overload you with too much information or have people sitting in that don’t need to be there.

Set Up Phase

A link is sent to you to get the training booked. Please note that we require payment at the time of booking to secure your slot. You will find details on the booking page.

We will put together the schedule and send it to you before the training so that you are happy that we will cover what you need in the session(s).

Xero Training

Training Phase

Training is usually carried out remotely via Microsoft Teams, which means you can be anywhere in the UK to receive training from IAS.

However, we offer in-house training if we feel this will be more beneficial to you.

The training is interactive, so be prepared to get involved because no one likes to be talked at for hours now, do they? We sure don’t.

Support Phase

Once you’ve completed the training, you receive free email and phone support for up to six weeks.

This support helps you implement what you have learned and know that we are here to help when needed.

Check out our Support packages if you need further support beyond six weeks.