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You’ve reached the point where your current accounting system is not working for you anymore, and you are considering moving to Xero.

Then it’s time to reach out to IAS and set up a free 30 min discovery call.

Discovery Phase

During this call, we will go through a “fact find” to establish whether or not Xero is the right system for you.

If it is, we will obtain some more information from you to establish the best time to move.

Xero Set Up Phase

It’s vital to switch at the right time.

The best time to switch is at a financial year’s end, so there is a definitive cut-off point. However, we have moved clients over at a VAT period end or month end.

Before switching, you must ensure that your existing records are clean and up-to-date. This means if you have unreconciled bank transactions, you should reconcile these before moving the data over. This would apply to any other data that relates to that final period.

Can I use Xero if I am still tidying up my old system?

Yes. Before the period end, we can get Xero set up and formatted in the way you want. This would include setting up your chart of accounts, tracking categories (if applicable), and customising your invoice, email and report templates, to name a few.

We would also provide training to the users of Xero before the live date to ensure you are using Xero to its full potential from the offset.

Moving to Xero

Moving Phase

We’ve finally got to the all-important exchange date. Yay!

How much data should be moved over?

This can vary depending on how accessible your existing data would be once you’ve moved.

You could finalise everything in your old system, and we post the closing trial balance along with outstanding sales and purchase invoices, or we could bring over transactional data for up to six years. We establish this early, so we don’t carry out unnecessary work.

Data will be extracted from your current system and brought into Xero. We carry out essential checks once the data is in Xero to ensure it is accurate and complete.

There’s nothing worse than starting on the wrong foot, and we make sure that doesn’t happen. Believe us when we say that you don’t want to have to try and unravel a Xero move not done correctly.

Support Phase

Don’t worry. Once the move is complete, we don’t just run off and leave you to it.

For a while, after the transition, we will provide email or phone support to the users of Xero.

If more training is needed, we can schedule that too.

We check in with you intermittently to make sure everything is running smoothly.

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Fancy a change? Get in touch today – call 01327 206552 (during office hours) or contact us.