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Whether you are doing your bookkeeping or have your own accounts department, you could think there is a quicker, easier and simpler way to do things.

You want to be spending more time running your business, making decisions based on accurate information and living your life.

If this is you, book a call with us now to find out how we can help streamline your processes.

Discovery Phase

We run through a “fact find” exercise to figure out your current process.

This will involve everything from that initial quote or purchase order to forecast—a complete review of your finance function.

We will also find out what systems you use, your pain points, areas you are happy with and your goals for the business.

Set Up Phase

We initially set up a meeting to build the Business profile, which helps us better understand how to perform our review.

We produce a summary of your current process to identify each area to be looked into in more detail.

We set up another meeting with you to figure out the following:

  • What areas do we need more detail on?
  • Who do we need to speak to within your organisation?
  • When do we need to talk to them?
  • Timelines
    • To carry out meetings
    • Full review
    • Reporting output to you

Review Phase

This review will include the Advanced Xero Health Check and Integrated Systems Review alongside our detailed process review.

We will compile a detailed report for you when our review is complete.

It clearly identifies:

  • The work we have performed
  • Issues identified
  • Potential risks
  • Recommendations for improvement

All reports are provided with a brief video highlighting the critical areas for you to consider.

We will schedule a follow-up meeting when you have had time to work through the report. You have the chance to ask any questions or get more clarity around the information.

If you want IAS to get involved in implementing any of the recommendations, an additional fee will be discussed at this point.

Support Phase

We schedule check-ins to help keep you on track to implementing the changes.

We have made the recommendations knowing that making the change will free up more of your time, give you real-time information and drive your business forward.

Let’s get those processes streamlined by booking a call with us.